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On this page you can access information on Homework Guidelines, Accelerated Reading Program, Testing, and Character Building.
Accelerated Reading Program is designed to help students become better readers. Students choose their own books at their reading level and take computerized tests in class. As students pass the tests, they choose books at a higher reading level. Students have fun reading while increasing their reading comprehension.  

Homework is an important part of  a child's education. It serves three general  purposes:
  • Reinforces daily classroom instruction
  • Allows parents to know what their child is learning
  • Develops responsibility and study skills

Students take the following tests in fifth grade:
  • Stanford Achievement Test
  • Reading Rate
  • Gates Reading Test
  • Math Basic Fact, Computation, and Concept Test
  • ISAT ( Illinois Standard Achievement Test) in Reading, Math, and Writing (2007)
Character Building

Building character is an integral part of our cuuriculum in fifth grade. Students participate in the following programs throughout the year:
  • Visiting residents at a retirement home
  • Conflict  resolution classes done by visiting speakers
  • Outdoor  education
  • Monthly activities emphasizing a specific character trait such responsibility, respect...